Your task is to assume the role of Alison Sampson as President of Cushy Armchair, headquartered in Hong Kong, a newly acquired furniture subsidiary of Cabletronica. You are an experienced finance executive who has risen quickly through the ranks of Cabletronica, a large American cable network television and Internet service provider. Your decisions will have a major impact on the success of Cabletronica’s diversification strategy.Class Discussion Questions:What course of action did you choose?How did it work out? Why do you think it was successful or not?What barriers to success did you encounter?If it was not successful did you try a different course of action? What did you do differently? Richard Ivey School of Business The University of Western OntarioIVEY 9801C019 CUSHY ARMCHAIR Professor Brian Goldenprepared this case solely to provide material for class di… Show more… Show more Page 2 9301 6019 recliner industry is expected to heat up as a resultof consolidation, new materials and technology, and shorteningdesign cycles. In addition, competitors founded in the pa… Show more… Show more Page 3 9801C019 2. Advertising campaignswill in the future be co-ordinated throughNew York, where we have an … Show more… Show moreBusinessManagementProject Management MGMT 461

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