Your task for this work is to read this essay and correct the… Your task for this work is to read this essay and correct the following:* Avoid cliches like “breath of fresh air.” (so you would have to change the meaning of the meaning of this expression)* You need to open the essay with start of what you have in the second paragraph. (this requires you to eliminated or add sentences)*Last, shorten your summary of the book.This not a hard work but it should be taken seriously. The work has to be completely authentic with no coppyy or paste from the internet.Here’s the essay:I was the type of person who would go on weekends volunteering since high school. I would do it and do any volunteering work like; teaching children to write and read, knowing basics in farming, advocating health awareness and environmental issues in remote communities, particularly to youngsters. I felt like doing this because it’s a breath of fresh air for me. I loved to visit other people’s homes as a community worker to have the opportunity to listen to every family story. I was exposed to different struggles of hundreds of families in the community from scarcity of food to lack of employment and poverty, to the concern of the stagnant environment and sanitation, to children who cannot afford school, and issues of family planning.I left my hometown after I finished 9th grade and came back after over a year. One Sunday a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to join a day of volunteer work. We will gather trash at the beach and coastal areas. At the end of the day we picked some books at this mini-library as a reward. The event was successful and we were allowed to pick books that struck our interests. I picked up one book, entitled “The Family Way” by Tony Parsons. I didn’t read the book right away. It took me more than half a year to open it up and begin reading. The Family Way talks about Three sisters and couples. It’s about pregnancies, struggles of both parties. Their differences and life choices exhibit how significant a family is.Among the three women, Cat hit me the most. She embodies a modern woman, strong, independent, open-minded, and a bit of a workaholic. She brought up her two sisters at the age of 11 when their mom decided to leave them and go with her new lover. Her mom says “Your parents ruin the first half of your life, and your children will ruin the second half. “I’ve heard almost the same words from one of the parents in the community I volunteered in but, it was a different case. They were struggling yet, they all stuck together. Cat, a character in the story, is almost like my mom. She also loves her freedom after sacrificing a lot for her sisters and seeing them now have a family of their own. It only means that she’s been successful in bringing them up and it’s time for her to focus on her own. Sometimes some friends would question her choice of not having a child of her own and although she has a partner in the story, the guy is also in no rush to build another family. As the story grew, I felt her sadness, her jealousy, and doubting her preferences. I can see through her character the change of heart…little by little. She has not been content anymore with being a successful woman or having just a partner. There are times that it gets lonely while everyone else is busy with their kids and their own family. Slowly, I got upset..because as years passed by, my mom was experiencing the same gut feeling of being left out and having most of her friends unavailable for meet-ups and talks. She saw them grow into different people and began to question herself “will I be happy in the future to still stay on the same stand I have on for years?”This book had a big impact on me as it opened up a question in my mind at a young age, seeing this reality where not everyone has the opportunity to have a progressive life and decent environment; would I ever want to have a family of my own, a kid to support? Would I be lucky to have built a family in a healthy environment where I don’t have to be worried about the safety and education of the kids? I began exploring the idea that maybe my choices are growing into a better version of myself. Or maybe I just also need to be more embracing and take risks. I know I can make my life better. I can work for it. Other material things can be gained just like money that can be earned. I’m glad that this story was able to open my eyes to reality so that I know what I need to do and what environment I want for my future family. I was fascinated by how our choices and fate can lead us to change the path we thought we were going to take.Arts & HumanitiesWriting EXPOS-UA MISC

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