Your questionSubject: Statistics and ProbabilityCourse: 200 3150: STAT4) (made-up data) Hypothesis Test problem for TWO population DIFFERENCES (not proportions or means) comparison hypothesis test (NOT a proportion problem – so we use t-values, not z-values). SHOW t-TEST SETUP and calculation, AND for the t-Critical, what SIGNIFICANCE LEVEL (the column) and what df (which row) were used and what the t-Critical value is.Do people avoid driving on Friday the 13th? Here are data on 20 Fridays: 10 on the 13th and the other 10 on the Friday before. For the DIFFERENCES, Calculate the MEAN and SD between traffic on these two Fridays at the 95% level(alpha = 5%);Traffic CountDates6th (x1)13th (x2)d = (x1 – x2)1990, July1392461385481990, July1380121329081991, September1370551360181991, September1406751318431991, December1235521216411991, December1211391207231992, March1282931255321992, March1246311202491992, November1246091257701992, November119584116263For the differences (all d’s) the MEAN = _______ and the SD = __________TEST STATISTIC: t-Test = (d-bar -d)/sd /sqrt(n) = ____; The t-Critical with (n-1) df fora = 5% is______What is the software generated p-value for the t-Test? ______What is your math conclusion and your real-world conclusion?MathStatistics and Probability STAT 200 3150

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