You can here download two large files containing English :copy this link and paste in google the files will download automaticaly. containing the script of the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail.(It is a Python course after all!)eng_news_100K-sentences.txt containing 100,000 sentences taken from English newspapers.Write a program that can identify individual words in a and store these words in a separate file. We recommend the following approach:A function read_file(file_path) that reads the file specified by file_path and return a list of strings containing each row in the file. Windows users having a problem reading these files can try to use open(…, encoding=’utf-8′) when reading the files.A function get_words(row) that divides a row (a string) into lower case words and returns a list of words (strings)A function save_words(file_path, words) that saves all the words in the list words in the file specified by file_path.Using these three functions your main program might look like this:# Read filespath = ” … ” + “eng_news_100K-sentences.txt”rows = read_file(path)print(f”nRead {len(rows)} lines from file {path}”)# Collect wordswords = []for row in rows: w = get_words(row) # Returns a list of words words += w# Save words in fileoutpath = ” … ” + f”output_{len(words)}_words.txt”save_words(outpath,words)print(f”Saved {len(words)} words in file {outpath}”) # About 1.8 million wordsNotice:By a word we here mean strings containing only the English letters plus “‘” and “-“. Hence, we consider words like “can’t”, “John’s”, and “full-time” as valid words. Furthermore, a word doesn’t contain any digits, or symbols like “.”, “,”, “!”, “?”, etc.We got the following word counts: 1896870 for 100k sentences, 10799 for holy_grail. We don’t expect you to get these results exactly, but they should be about the same (say +- 5%).We expect you to implement get_words(row) yourself without any use of external libraries. Any use of regular expressions is forbidden.The output from this exercise (the word files) will be used in the Mini Project.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming IT 1DV501

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