You are tasked to write a Python module named after you to help… You are tasked to write a Python module named after you to help create score cards to students in a class. The following seven subject should show on each student’s score card: Algebra, English, Statistics.Our program should first ask for a student’s name, then her/his scores for the three subjects in the order shown above. This process will be repeated until all the students’ scores are entered. Note that there are four (4) students and their names are the AB, CD, EF, GH.Use Python ASCII/UTF-8 functions chr and ord to generate the names; do not input the names manually.(Hint: You might need to use a dictionary and a function to accept all the input.)Create another function to handle the printing as follows:When the printing function is called, a single student name is passed to it as an argument. (e.g., function3(AB)), the function then prints the student’s name and his/her scores in two columns, one for the subjects and one for the scores. The subject and the score are on the same line. A total score, and an average score should also be printed at the bottom.Sample output: StudentABsubject II scorealgebra II 98english II 80statisics II 92Total: 270Average: 90.0Ensure that you have an if __name__ == “__main__”: block to call the functionsComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming COSC 214

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