You are required to create a tree diagram to illustrate and solveconditional probabilities. Consider the following scenario:For a certain public health unit (PHU), 80% of individuals in this PHU are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Also in this population, the chances of contracting COVID-19 is 4%, regardless of one’s vaccination status. When looking at the most recent COVID-19 positive cases (i.e. individuals who have tested positive for the virus), only 6.9% of cases are individuals who are fully vaccinated, while the remaining 93.1% of cases are individuals who have not been vaccinated. Set up a tree diagram to illustrate the probabilities described above. Make sure you have clearly defined your notation.- You can use pen and paper to create your diagram, then take a picture of it and import it into your report.- Make sure your writing is legible, and that your photo is nicely cropped so as to not waste space. Using the provided information and your tree diagram (if it is helpful), calculate:- The probability of having/getting COVID, given an individual has been vaccinated.- The probability of having/getting COVID, given an individual has not been vacci-nated.- The probability of getting COVID, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.- Show all your calculations for full marks. You should provide a small concludingsentence for each of your calculations.NOTE: This is not a political commentary on vaccine requirements. We are simply usingprobability rules to find probabilities of certain events, given knowledge of the probability of other events.MathStatistics and Probability

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