You are hired by a company Gem Stones co ltd, which is a cubic zirconia manufacturer. You are provided with the dataset containing the prices and other attributes of almost 27,000 cubic zirconia (which is an inexpensive diamond alternative with many of the same qualities as a diamond). The company is earning different profits on different prize slots. You have to help the company in predicting the price for the stone on the bases of the details given in the dataset so it can distinguish between higher profitable stones and lower profitable stones so as to have better profit share. Also, provide them with the best 5 attributes that are most important.1.1. Read the data and do exploratory data analysis. Describe the data briefly. (Check the null values, Data types, shape, EDA, duplicate values). Perform Univariate and Bivariate Analysis.81.2 Impute null values if present, also check for the values which are equal to zero. Do they have any meaning or do we need to change them or drop them? Check for the possibility of combining the sub levels of a ordinal variables and take actions accordingly. Explain why you are combining these sub levels with appropriate reasoning.51.3 Encode the data (having string values) for Modelling. Split the data into train and test (70:30). Apply Linear regression using scikit learn. Perform checks for significant variables using appropriate method from statsmodel. Create multiple models and check the performance of Predictions on Train and Test sets using Rsquare, RMSE & Adj Rsquare. Compare these models and select the best one with appropriate reasoning.121.4 Inference: Basis on these predictions, what are the business insights and recommendations.Please explain and summarise the various steps performed in this project. There should be proper business interpretation and actionable insights present.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming DATA SCIEN PGPDBA

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