You are a counselor at a local walk-in mental health clinic. You’ve… You are a counselor at a local walk-in mental health clinic. You’ve been seeing Mariela, a 27-year-old Hispanic female, sporadically for the past two months, but she has visited the clinic three times in the last week. On this date, you notice Mariela is distraught, as evidenced by frequent crying and covering her face with her hands. She said she is “exhausted” and points at the dark circles under her eyes. It looks as if her hair hasn’t been washed in several days, and her sweatshirt is dirty.Based on previous sessions, you know Mariela has a young daughter, who is 5, from a previous relationship, and she is not close to her child’s father. She had her daughter shortly after finishing an inpatient treatment stay for drug abuse and depression. She has been clean since her pregnancy and regularly denies drinking and using drugs. She has documented history of cutting and suicidal ideations, but none in the two months you’ve been working with her. Mariela lives in her parents’ home, but her father died when she was a teenager, and her mother died last year. She worries about her siblings’ vocal desire to sell the home because she does not make enough money on her job to rent an apartment and is further discouraged because in trying to find a place to live, she found out it’s hard to rent without prior rental history. Her mother also helped with childcare for her daughter, but since she passed, Mariela has relied more heavily on her child’s father, even though they do not have a legal custody agreement. She works as a waitress at night on the weekends when her child is with her father and has a job as an administrative assistant from 8-5 during the day. Her daughter usually goes to the after-school program if her father cannot pick her up.In this session, Mariela discloses she has not gone to work for two days because she is not sleeping and became very upset, as she stated her siblings have agreed to sell their mother’s house. She said she found out over the weekend and became so upset she had to leave her waitressing job early, so she’s also stressed about losing the cash from tips. Mariela said she has an aunt who offered to let her stay at her house while she looks for an apartment, but she said it is “overwhelming” to keep looking when she can’t afford rent in the area close to her work and her daughter’s school. Mariela said she thought about filing for child support from her daughter’s father but is worried he will fight her in court. She said several times she is “very overwhelmed” and thinks “things are just too stressful and hard since my mom died.” She said she asked her boss for another day off from work tomorrow, and she plans to take her daughter to her dad’s house because “she just cannot go on anymore.” 2019. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved.CNL-545: Topic 4 Alternative Assignment: Suicide Assessment: ADA Accommodation (4.5)For this assignment, you will read the case study provided by your instructor. You will be expected to perform an assessment demonstrating your skills and knowledge of suicide assessment.A discussion if the “client” has suicidal ideation, intent, plans, and means.A discussion of what you gleaned in this case study that informs you of needing to complete a suicide assessment.A clear plan of action for follow up including potentially referring for hospitalization.Demonstration of the use of basic counseling skills including summarizing, clarifying, reflection of content, and feeling.Be sure to include questions you would ask, as well as details on referral and follow upPsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology CNL 545

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