Write python code for the requirements below1.InitializationStart the program with a menu allowing user to choose from options below:Show product menuCheck account balanceTop-up cash value for user accountAsk user to input again if the input is other than above options.2.Product menuPrint a menu to show product names and prices. At least 5 different products should be involved.3.Account creditSet zero as the initial account value for user, so the user has to process top-up for the account before the first purchase.The system should remind and allow the user to process top-up if the account balance is not enough for purchase.4.Order entries:Allow user to input and select which product to order as well as the order quantity.Allow user to order more than one kind of product with multiple quantity in one order receipt.The system should keep asking user to input for their selected product and quantity until the user input “no”. Some hint message similar to following should be printed out:E.g. “Please input product number (#1-5) for order. Enter ‘No’ to check the bill. “5.Currency:Allow user to choose among HKD, USD or RMB for payment.Take USD to HKD as 1: 7.78; RMB to HKD as 1:1.2.Calculate the payment according to the selected currency and show on the purchase summary.It is optional to show the price with different currency in the product menu. But the total price should be shown on the summary according to the selected currency.6.Purchase summaryThe summary shall contain product selected, quantity of each selected product, lump-sum of the order with selected currency. The summary should be similar to the below:E.g. “You ‘ve purchased a total of 3 units of chips, at $9.00 each, with a subtotal of $27. (HKD)”Ask the user to check the purchase summary and input to confirm payment. Check cash balance of the user’s account. Proceed the payment if the cash balance is enough for the order, or print a message to remind the user to top-up the account.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ISOM 2020

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