Would you please make a poem and make use of the content in the… Would you please make a poem and make use of the content in the explanation below,pls separate 1 and 2.1. I can express being a disciple of Jesus by following Him in all His ways of righteousness, holiness, perfection, and all His words of the commandments that would prove that I am really His true follower. In order for us to become worthy of Jesus, we must follow His word of the commandment to deny ourselves and follow Him in His holiness. If we will not do that, we can never be His disciples. As a disciple of the Lord, I have the responsibility to obey the Lord Jesus in His words because I truly love Him. To truly love the Lord is to obey His commandments.(make a poem with this content)1st poem:2. I will reach out to the lonely or those in need of comfort. Establish my sincere friendships with others, somehow I’ll visit them in their homes and elsewhere. I will Serve others as I serve the Lord Love my neighbors without judging them. Read and share the word of God. I will keep walking on God’s way, and embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (make a poem with this content)2nd poem:Arts & HumanitiesReligious Studies

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