Which of the following income sources are generally assessed on a cash basis?Select one:a. Business income derived from trading stock salesb. Salary received from an employerc. Large partnership businessd. Invoice issued to a business clientWhich of the following is an example of Tax Avoidance?Select one:a. None of the aboveb. Paying a salary to a non-working spousec. Failing to include assessable income in a tax returnd. Minimising Assessable Income by making additional superannuation paymentsIf a person fails the “Resides Test” they can still be classified as a resident tax payer if they:Select one:a. All of the above statements are correctb. Qualify for the 183 Day Testc. None of the above statements are correctd. Qualify for one of the three Statutory Tests for residencee. Pass the Domicile TestWhich of the following is an example of tax evasion?Select one:a. All of the aboveb. Understating the closing balance of trading stock levelsc. Falsifying expense documentsd. Claiming a tax offset for which you are ineligibleLawSocial ScienceTax law TAXATION TLAW603

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