When there are calculations, show formulas and ALL OF your work and CIRCLE or HIGHLIGHT your final answer.Be sure to show hypotheses in the proper format to denote proportion or means (e.g.,H0: =10)If noted, round based on the instructions in each questionNo excel allowed for p-value or anythingSunny County is studying the relationship of gender and various college activities in the county including college undergraduate drinking. You survey 243 students and ask them to self-rate themselves on a 33-point drinking scale (higher score means more self-reported drinking). You suspect that the reported undergraduate mean male drinking scale will be higher than females. In your sample, 134 females reported a mean of 17.31 on the drinking scale (with a standard deviation of 6.34) and 109 males reported a mean of 21.31 on the drinking scale (with a standard deviation of 6.55).State your null and alternative hypotheses.Calculate the test statistic.What is k (the degrees of freedom), only if appropriate, and the p-value?Using alpha=.05, should you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis?State the appropriate conclusion.MathStatistics and Probability STAT 238

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