– What lesson or application at w0rk that struck y0u the m0st? -… – What lesson or application at w0rk that struck y0u the m0st?- What are y0ur key takeaways?Reference:Customer relations refers to the process used by businesses to engage with customers and foster long-term relationships with them. Right from assisting customers with their day-to-day queries to creating long-term policies that lead to customer success, customer relations encompasses a lot of activities. When done right, it can lead to positive outcomes such as higher customer retention, increased customer lifetime value (CLV), and stronger customer relationships.https://www.proprofsdesk.com/blog/customer-relations/Career Sharing: Tips for Success Be curious and coachable. Get a mentor and be a team-player. Adversity Quotient ? Difficulties, misfortunesEmotional Quotient (Intelligence) ? Understand, use, and manage your own emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. Intelligence Quotient ? Reason and solve problems Omni Quotient or Ubiquity Quotient Be all that, be everywhere, be involved.Career Sharing: Who and what is a great sales person? Competent and expert Great listening and communication skillsTrustworthy Self-disciplined Self-motivated Determined and persistent Has good interpersonal skills and understanding of human behavior Finder of solutions and opportunities Great customer service + “host” mindsetHandling Objections and Earning Commitment No need – Buyer has recently purchased or does not see a need for the product category Product or service objection – Buyer may be afraid of product reliability or late deliveries, slow repairs, etc.Company objection – Buyer is intensely loyal to the present supplier Price is too high – Buyer has a limited budget Time/delaying – Buyer needs time to think it over An objection may be an opportunity disguised as a roadblock Handling Objections and Earning Commitment Methods in Responding to Customer Resistance . Acknowledge. Direct Denial . Diffuse o Indirect Denial . Refocus/Reposition o Trial Offer o Validate . Third party endorsement. Question Format . Demonstration… Show moreArts & HumanitiesCommunicationsPublic Relations

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