Welcome to your first casestudy In this case study you have to… Welcome to your first casestudyIn this case study you have to scrape weather data from the website “http://www.estesparkweather.net/archive_reports.php?date=200901″Scrape all the available attributes of weather data for each day from 2009-01-01 to 2018-10-28Ignore records for missing daysRepresent the scraped data as pandas dataframe object.Dataframe specific deatailsExpected column names (order dose not matter): [‘Average temperature (F)’, ‘Average humidity (%)’, ‘Average dewpoint (F)’, ‘Average barometer (in)’, ‘Average windspeed (mph)’, ‘Average gustspeed (mph)’, ‘Average direction (deg)’, ‘Rainfall for month (in)’, ‘Rainfall for year (in)’, ‘Maximum rain per minute’, ‘Maximum temperature (F)’, ‘Minimum temperature (F)’, ‘Maximum humidity (%)’, ‘Minimum humidity (%)’, ‘Maximum pressure’, ‘Minimum pressure’, ‘Maximum windspeed (mph)’, ‘Maximum gust speed (mph)’, ‘Maximum heat index (F)’]Each record in the dataframe corresponds to weather deatils of a given dayMake sure the index column is date-time format (yyyy-mm-dd)Perform necessary data cleaning and type cast each attributes to relevent data typeComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CSE 6843667925

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