Watch the following videos of the World Champions of Public… Watch the following videos of the World Champions of Public Speaking. All of the featured speakers are winners of a public speaking competition organized by Toastmasters International.A. Dananjaya Hettiarchchi of Sri Lanka, 2014 Champion Darren Tay Wen Jie, 2016 World Champion Ryan Avery of USA, 2012 Champion Mohammed Qahtani, 2015 World Champion THE_SE1.What are your observations on the delivery of the speakers?Give at least five observations for every speech2.What are your insights in life (give at least three for every speech).3.Do you find the style of delivery appropriate to his/her audience? (for every speech)Write da your answers in Word Document, bullet form, should be in complete sentences and submit it in PDF file)?”Da PDF shareable link to ur file should be attached.”STRICTLY: PUT _ IT IN _ A PDF FILE AND THE LINK SHOULD BE SHARED.!!!! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY ANSWERED THIS QUESTION JUST SKIP IT OR ELSE YOUR ANSWER IS MARKED AS UNHELPFUL! I AM RESPOSTING THIS BECAUSE TUTORS CAN’T GET THIS QUESTION RIGHT THEIR ANSWERS IS ALWAYS INCOMPLETE & LOW QUALITY!!Arts & HumanitiesWriting

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