use Minitab to answer question 1 1. A sample of squirrels was… use Minitab to answer question 11. A sample of squirrels was trapped, and the contents of their guts were analyzed. Given the following data, test whether the diets of red squirrels and flying squirrels are significantly different. That is, is what is being eaten related to what type of squirrel is doing the eating? If so, discuss what dietary items seem to be causing the difference, and how you know this based on your calculations. conifer seeds Insects Mushroomsred squirrels 40 13 11flying squirrels 25 23 16 Adapted From Triola, et al., 2018. Biostatistics, pg. 523. An experiment was conducted to examine the ability ofdogs to detect bladder cancer. The dogs were tested with urine samples obtained from patients who hadbladder cancer, as well as from a control group who didn’t. The results are provided below. What … Show more… Show moreMathStatistics and Probability

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