(Use Excel or SPSS to answer the questions)A research firm tests the miles per gallon characteristics of three brands of gasoline. Because of different gasoline performance characteristics in different brands of automobiles, five brands of automobiles are selected and treated as blocks in the experiment; that is, each brand of automobile is tested with each type of gasoline. The results of the experiment (in miles per gallon) provided in Table 8.Table 8The Results of the Experiment (miles per gallon)Gasoline BrandsIIIIIIAutomobilesA182120B242627C302934D222524E202324(Use Excel or SPSS to answer the questions)Use the sample data provided in the Table 8 to answer the following questions:Provide descriptive statistics of the data divided according to the division in gasoline brand.Formulate a single factor ANOVA hypothesis test, with gasoline brand being the factor.Perform the test, interpret the result, and include all phases of ANOVA.Analyze the data using the ANOVA procedure for completely randomized designs and include all phases of the test.Compare your findings with those obtained in question (a).What is the advantage of attempting to remove the block effect?Perform post-hoc tests for rank ordering, if applicable.Use ? = .05 in all tests. Perform the tests once manually and once using SPSSMathStatistics and Probability BUSINESS 741

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