Use academic writing: complete sentences, third person, use… Use academic writing: complete sentences, third person, use citations and references if you refer to information from the book. You should not need any resources other than the for this assignment.Choose ONE of the two scenarios below. Both are imperfect experiments, so they are missing aspects of a good experiment which causes them to have many possible confounding variables.Your response should include:1. Identification of the independent variable(s) (IVs) and the dependent variable (DV)2. What is a possible confounding variable, and how can it affect the relationship between the IV(s) and the DV?3. What can be done to reduce, eliminate, or control the influence of the confounding variable?Scenario A: An industrial/organizational psychologist conducted a field experiment for the Sticky Taffy Company to determine how many defective candies the line workers can identify on the conveyor belt. The researcher tested each worker for 1 hour, varying the speed every 15 minutes, starting with the slowest speed and progressing to the fastest speed. At each speed, the number of defective candies missed was recorded. The researcher reported to the owner of the company that the most effective way for line workers to complete this task was to run the belt at the lowest speed with no more than 50 candies present at a time.Scenario B: A researcher wanted to examine the effects of violent visual content on aggression. He asked 40 men to watch a 10-minute video of a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight. After all participants had viewed the video, they were led to believe that they were also part of another experiment. In this next experiment, participants stated how many blows they would deliver to a man pictured in a fighting ring. The average number of blows reported by the men after viewing the video was five. Using these results, the researcher reported that watching the MMA video increased the level of aggression.Social SciencePsychology

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