TRUE OR FALSE Databases serve many applications by centralizing… TRUE OR FALSEDatabases serve many applications by centralizing data and having control of redundant data.True or falseEntities are not key concepts of great importance in a database.True or falseThe graphical representation of the data entities is very easy to identify, it is a rectangle with rounded edges.True or falseThe goal of data modeling is to produce a structured description of the customer’s organization and business.True or falseModeling is a functional schema that models the flow of information in and out of business.True or falseA table consists of rows (tuples) and columns.True or falseThese operations (SELECT, DELETE, REMOVE) are programming statements and are used by DBMS developers.True or falseAnother type of DBMS is the OODBMS (Object-Oriented DBMS) which stores data and procedures in table form.True or falseOne of the three main functions of a DBMS is its ability to define data.True or falseOne technique database designers use is modeling the structure of the data and an entity-relationship diagram.True or falseROM memory is the place where data is temporarily stored and replaced by new ones.True or falseThe word processor is a software package used to display information in the form of slides.True or falseFreeware is software distributed on the basis of an honor system.True or falseVisual programming provides the necessary knowledge to design and develop applications with a friendly and user-friendly visual environment.True or falseThe arithmetic and logic unit performs algebraically sums and comparisons that serve to follow one path or another.True or falseComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering TECNOLOGIA 1050

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