This week you have read about a number of psychological disorders,… This week you have read about a number of psychological disorders, which are always quite fascinating to learn about. Before participating in this week’s discussion, think of a fictional character who you think might fit, at least to some extent, one of the disorders you learned about this week. Consider cartoon characters, Disney princesses, favorite sitcom characters, etc. Next, do some additional research on this disorder so that you feel comfortable understanding the characteristics needed for a diagnosis, and then discuss the following:Describe the character you have chosen.Describe the disorder you think they could be diagnosed with.Based on what you learned in your readings and research about this disorder, explain why you believe it would be a good fit for this character.Provide at least three evidences or examples of how or why that character meets the description of this mental illness.InstructionsEach week, students will participate in a class discussion. The discussion topics will relate to the weekly readings and will encourage the student apply what they have learned during the week as they engage with both the instructor and their fellow students. Each week students will be required to respond to the given discussion questions with a substantial post (more than 200 words) that demonstrates depth of understanding and is supported by a minimum of one cited and referenced source. This initial post should be posted each week by Saturday at 11:59pmSocial SciencePsychology PSYC 1133

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