Their are 2 things that I need help with in this statement1)Can you help me condense this statement into 520 w. because I have 776 and I need help to make it shorter.2) Help me add these 3 things in the my personal statement for college. Most successful college essays do at least 3 things: 0 Mention at least one anecdote or story. (“Show, don’ttell”) 0 Explain why that anecdote or story is important to who you are. 0 End (or begin) by connectingthis information, to why you are applying to this specific college. This may include information abo… Show more… Show morePersonal StatementCollege is an educational institution where one can receive higher education or specialized training. College is for people who want to receive higher education in a field where they want their career to thrive.I am a reliable, self-motivated, confident, and patient person in everything that I do. It makes me feel accomplished whenever I do something that will make me more proud. Being patient in college is crucial because you will be given a lot of work, and if you rush ever, you could make minor mistakes, but those small mistakes can cause more significant problems. Honesty and hard work is the best policy; that’s what I stood up for. Being honest and reliable is a plus not only for me but the people around me. I chose this organization because it will help my well-being as an accomplished and inspiring individual, and I am also confident that it can motivate me more.I always treasure all the memories of my hard work accomplishing the Willie Mac Award and participating in the National Society of High school Scholars. The Willie Mac Award is a type of award you receive if you show leadership, integrity, confidence, teamwork, and are the MVP player of the team. During my time playing baseball, I learned that just because somebody has no friends, doesn’t talk doesn’t mean that they are excellent or antisocial. I worked with a couple of kids outside of baseball practice and games, but this particular kid stood out. His hits were nearly a home run every time, and his throws almost had no arc, which is perfect because it gets the ball faster to the base. I didn’t expect him to be a speedy learner and have an excellent natural swing. Within a week, we became terrific friends, and he and I were always competing for who could get the most outs and things that positively impact our future. I was always kind of scared and shy to talk to people that were different from me. This is not something you should do, and I learned it the hard way. My recent friend in this program was of another race, not talkative, shy, hard worker, and an orphan. But this kid was amazing. When you are around him, you are always happy, excited, and have adrenaline running through your body.During high school, I participated in the Med Club, which allowed me to get some background experience and knowledge of the current ROP class i? taking, called Honors biomedical sciences classes. I received CPR & first aid certification, safety protocol(PPE), grow bacteria, use a spectrometer, etc. An ELISA test detects antigen(bacteria like covid-19); the darker the color, the more antigen present. You can also use it to see if anybody else has been infected, and public health would also use this information for contact tracking. We study the concepts of human medicine, physiology, genetics, microbiology, and public health. This class allows me to learn about multiple career options and get a little background experience of what that career option would do every day.I interned in a dental clinic where a dentist is shadowed by somebody who wants to see and experience the life of a dentist. My role in this job shadowing was to learn to suction, communicate with customers/patients, and sterilize and organize tools that the doctor will use on the next patient. It was an excellent experience because I gained a lot of new knowledge and experience, which can help me in my future endeavors. I also worked as a lifeguard. During my experience, I earned 02 Certifications, CPR & first aid certification and shallow water rescue certification. I must say that it is an unbelievable experience because I can get a chance to help people.Possible 2nd intro par.:College is an educational institution where one can receive higher education or specialized training. College is for people who want to receive higher education in a field where they want their career to thrive. I want to receive education at UC Berkeley because they offer excellent undergraduate preparation for students who wish to attend medical or other health-related professional schools. By attending this college, I will face obstacles and opportunities presented throughout my becoming a doctor. People want to go to college because they are interested in that field, but I want to attend Berkely because i? not skillful in things necessary to become a doctor. As I go through college years, I will face obstacles and hardships that can jeopardize my dream of being a doctor. I have taken steps in high school to prepare myself for this field.Arts & HumanitiesWriting ENGL 1043

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