The Euclidean distance (ED) between two numpy array arr1 = [x1 y1] and arr2 = [x2 y2] can be calculated as follows.(x1-x2)2+(y1-y2)2——————-v(x1-x2)2+(y1-y2)2The ED calculation formula can be extended to higher dimension vectors also.Write a functioneuclidean_dist(emotion1, emotion2)that takes two vectorsemotion1, emotion2of class numpy.ndarrayas input parameters, and returns the Euclidean distance (ED) score betweenemotion1, emotion2. If the sizes of the input parameters are different, the function should return None.Note: You cannot use for or while loop for this question. You can usethe math module and it has been imported already in the Quiz Server (e.g., import math.)For example:TestResultdata = data_type_format(load_mydata(“location_review_data.csv”), [0, 1, 2, 3])print(euclidean_distance(data[:][‘sad’], data[:][‘joy’]))22.4388532683825data = data_type_format(load_mydata(“location_review_data.csv”), [0, 1, 2, 3])print(round(euclidean_distance(data[:][‘happy’], data[:][‘joy’]), 4))30.2752 Question 6 The Euclidean distance (ED) between two numpy array arr1 = [x1 y1] and arr2 = [x2 y2] can becalculated as follows. Not complete Marked out of V(x1 -x2)2 + (yl – y2)2 2.00 The ED calculation formula canbe extended to higher dimension vectors also. Flag question Write a function euclidean_dist(emot… Show more… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CITS 2401

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