The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from cash to card. The… The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from cash to card. The use of contactless payments also increased sharply in 2020, and lockdowns boosted the growth of e-commerce. According to a Visa Back to Business study, 30% of Australian consumers used Paypal when shopping online, and 51% of Australians used Amazon pay, with the remainder of Australians using Credit or Debit cards. When surveying 100 Australian online shoppers, 21 reported using Paypal, 55 reported using Amazon pay, while 24 used either a Credit or a Debit card. The observed and expected data are summarised in the table below:Online payment methodsObservedExpected(O-E)^2/EPaypal21***2.7Amazon pay5551***Credit/Debit cards24191.316Use the above information to answer the following questions by choosing the most correct option or typing the answer.(1 mark) What is the expected value for Australians who used Paypal? Answer (Integer)(1 mark) What is the contribution to chi-squared for Amazon pay? Answer (3dp)(1 mark) What is the chi-squared test statistic? Answer (3dp)(1 mark) Using Excel to find the P-value associated with the chi-squared test statistic, is the P-value less than 0.05 AnswerA. TRUEB. FALSE(1 mark) Would you (A) reject or (B) not reject the hypothesis that the proportions are as stated? AnswerA. RejectB. Not reject(1 mark) Is it reasonable to conclude that the proportion of Paypal users is significantly different to 0.3 (Y) or (N) AnswerA. YesB. NoMathStatistics and Probability STAT 1250

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