The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) On-Line Discount Broker Survey polls members on their experiences with discount brokers. As part of the survey, members were asked to rate the quality of the speed of execution with their broker as well as provide an overall satisfaction rating for electronic trades. Possible responses (scores) were no opinion (0), unsatisfied (1), somewhat satisfied (2), satisfied (3), and very satisfied (4). For each broker summary scores were computed by calculating a weighted average of the scores provided by each respondent. Suppose a portion of the survey results follow.A3.43.5B3.33.4C3.43.9D3.63.7E3.22.9F3.82.8G3.83.6H2.62.6I2.72.3J4.04.0K 2.5 2.5Set up the ANOVA table. (Round your for F to two decimal places and all other values to three decimal places.)Sourceof VariationSumof SquaresDegreesof FreedomMeanSquareFp-valueRegression?1??0.005Error?9?Total?10Find the value of the test statistic. (Round your answer to two decimal places.)________MathStatistics and Probability STAT 3500

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