SUBJECT: RELIGIOUS EDUCATIONCOURSE CODE: ReED 101: Faith and Reason: Discerning God’s Action in Human HistorySt. John XXIII affirmed that the CCC will contribute significantly to the task of renewing the Church’s entire life. *TrueFalseThe CCC serves as a complete response to the faith content of the Catholic Christians. *TrueFalseSt. John Paul the II declared that the CCC is considered a certain standard for faith instruction. *TrueFalseThe Catholic Church’s Catechism can never be considered a personal gift. *TrueFalseThe CCC presents a theory for those who follow Christ. *TrueFalseA Magisterium refers to the teaching authority of the Church. *TrueFalseThe CCC will serve as a tool that provides genuine support for the faith. *TrueFalsePope Benedict XVI emphasized that that the very structure of the CCC follows the development of the faith right up to the great themes of daily life. *TrueFalseThe Catechism of the Catholic Church was compiled by the Magisterium working under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. *TrueFalseReading the CCC aids us in our prayer relationship with God. *TrueFalseThe CCC presents in a summarized way the Christian Catholic faith. *TrueFalseThe CCC supports particularly for those concerned with Christian formation. *TrueFalseSt. John Paul II declared that CCC is a valid and legitimate instrument of ecclesial communion. *TrueFalseThe CCC is meant to be read by catechists only. *TrueFalseArts & HumanitiesReligious Studies

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