STUDENT NAME: TOTAL MARKS: 6 LANGARA STUDENT NUMBER: Reed Auto… STUDENT NAME: TOTAL MARKS:6 LANGARA STUDENT NUMBER:Reed Auto Sales Data Reed Auto periodically has a special week long sale. As part of the advertising campaign, Reed runs one or more television (TV) commercials during the weekend preceding the sale. G pain PLE Abo PLE B FX M Inbo 42014 4 Shar E PLE E Insta Dise Wha Q ch1 & Dee L. Stud STAT * Hon+ V X C Apps Traductor deGoogle B Elena’s CCEL Classes @ Homepage – Langa… email langara N Gender Archives | L.. @ … Show more… Show more1. Obtain the estimated regression equation using the formulae for b1 and b0. [3 marks]2. Interpret the values of the estimated slope (b1) and y-intercept (b0) in con. [2 marks]3. Use the estimated regression to predict ‘the number of cars sold’ when ‘3 TV advertisements’ are shown. [1 mark]MathStatistics and Probability STATS 251

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