Star Kat Books, a small independent bookstore in Bradford is tryingto decide whether to discontinue selling magazines. The owner suspects that only 11% of the customers buy a magazine and thinks that she might be able to use the display space to sell something more profitable. Before making a final decision, she decides that for one day he’ll keep track of the number of customers and whether or not they buy a magazine. -What is the probability that exactly 6 of the first 18 customers buy magazines? Round your answer to 4 decimal places.Using the values from the last question show work work/screenshots for applet use to answer: -What is the probability that at least 5 of her first 50 customers buy magazines? (10 points) -She had 280 customers that day. Assuming this day was typical for her store, what would be the mean and standard deviation of the number of customers who buy magazines each day? (10 points) -Surprised by the high number of customers who purchased magazines that day, the owner decided that her percentage estimate of customers who still buy magazines must have been too low. How many magazine sales would it have taken to convince you? Justify your answer. (10 points)MathStatistics and Probability MATH 212

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