Standardized TestingPredictive Validity ExercisePromotional claims for the SAT I frequently tout the tests important place in the “toolbox” of college admissions officers trying to distinguish between students from vastly different high schools, yet the true utility of the SAT I is frequently lost in this rhetoric as admissions offices search for a fair and accurate way to compare one student to another. Many colleges and universities around the United States, in dropping their test score requirements, have recently confirmed what the research has shown all along – the SAT I has little value in predicting future college performance.In groups, discuss the information found on the FairTest website about the validity of the SAT: SAT I: A Faulty Instrument for Predicting College SuccessAfter reading through the article, consider the following questions as you discuss the article with your group:What type of validity is called most into question for this type of test?Are there any populations for which the test is more valid?What advice would you give to Laurentian University regarding admissions requirements?What are the alternatives to SATs in the United States?Social SciencePsychology PSYC 3206

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