Select a topic for your Final Paper.  Read the following directions for the Final Paper to understand the scope of the paper.  Right now you are just submitting a topic for approval.  Do not start work on the paper until your topic has been approved.  The Final Paper is due at the end of the semester.

Directions for the Final Paper

Technology is not value neutral.  Emmanuel Mesthene (1969) said, “New technology creates new opportunities for men and societies, and it also generates new problems for them.  It has both positive and negative effects, and it usually has the two at the same time and in virtue of each other.”

Exemplify Mesthene’s thoughts using a new or emerging technology that you are interested in critically examining.  Select a controversial technology.  Consider the technology’s potential for both great benefit and great harm.  Who/what is benefiting (would benefit) and who/what is being harmed (would be harmed)?  Which human values are being (would be) “tested” by the use of this technology?  Are any values put into conflict by this technology?

For your information, use at least five (5) credible sources found on the UA Library’s database, Academic Search Complete.  (From the UA Library search page, you will select Databases by Title.  From there you are to select Academic Search Complete.  From there you may search for articles about your topic.)  You will primarily be looking for qualitative data from sources who are writing about projected uses and impacts of your controversial technology.  In some cases, there may even be quantitative data, like projected carbon impact of the technology.  However, quantitative data is not a necessary requirement for this assignment.  Guidelines for assessing credible sources can be found in the syllabus.

I must approve your topic.  Don’t start on the paper until I have approved your topic.

This is a research paper.  Do research.  Write in paragraphs.  Use MLA formatting.  Double space and use headings for the different sections of the paper.  Sources and citations are required.  Develop your points and ideas.  The paper should be about five pages in length.  As a formal research paper, the only portion of the paper in which you should use the word “I” is in the Conclusion/Opinion section.  

Sections of the Final Paper:

1.  Introduction – define/explain the technology.  Be sure to include how the technology works.

2.  Pros – Three reasons that favor the use of the technology, one paragraph each. At least one of these reasons should include mention of who/what would benefit.  (Include a citation for each pro.)  

3.  Cons – Three reasons for not using or slowing the development of the technology, one paragraph each.  At least one of these reasons should include mention of who/what would be harmed.  (Include a citation for each con.)

4.  Values – Look at the Family Values Tournament in Module 2.  Select two values that are relevant to considering the use of this technology and explain why, writing one paragraph for each relevant value you selected.  

5.  Conclusion – Your opinion/conclusion based on and referring to the reasons in parts 2, 3 and 4.  Weigh the qualitative and any quantitative data on both sides.  Add to that, consideration of relevant values.  In your conclusion, specifically discuss the pros and cons you mentioned earlier in your paper.  (Demonstrate critical thinking skills.)  Should we embrace the technology, limit its use (if so, to what use) or ban it?  And why?  This part of the paper is worth the most points.  Make it worth 15 points.

6.  Works Cited – Includes at least 5 credible sources using MLA formatting.  

Examples of topics:  genetically modified organisms (GMOs), horizontal hydraulic fracturing (fracking), health apps, net neutrality, nuclear power, nanotechnology, drones, or self-driving cars

Clifford 4

Technology in Human Value

I want to write about how technology affects human values. In particular, I want to explore how technology affects our sense of self, our relationships with others, and our connection to the natural world. I believe that technology can both help and hinder our ability to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, and I want to explore how this tension plays out in our day-to-day lives. Craig (2018) explains that in this age of fast technological development, society must exploit its chances to increase quality of life and purpose. Given the amount of research that has been conducted on this topic, I believe there is a lot of material to work with in terms of developing a well-rounded argument. I think it is important to understand the implications of technology on our lives, so that we can make informed decisions about how to use it in a way that is beneficial to us.


Craig, D. (2018). Technology can make us more responsible – if we use it wisely. World Economic Forum.

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