Rose and Colin are living it up in their nursery playing a game. Sincethe lawn is rectangular, we might think about it as a matrix with r lines and c sections, which is the thing that we find in the image. Rose and Colin add obstructions on a portion of the squares, which makes the game seriously intriguing.The guidelines of the game are as per the following:Rose carries Colin to some sort of lattice square in the nursery after Colin has his eyes covered with a blindfold.She puts him with the goal that he is pointing toward the north, south, east, or west relying upon the course she needs him to confront. Colin is totally uninformed of his beginning area or bearing. Colin is then trained to do a progression of aerobatic developments about the nursery by Rose. For each move, the player should pick between the accompanying choices: F – goes ahead one lattice square toward the path that he is confronting; L – pivots 90 degrees counter-clockwise while remaining on a similar square; or R – turns 90 degrees clockwise while staying on a similar square. Colin has shown up at some sort of extreme situation because of these moves. He should now discover where he is corresponding to the remainder of the world. You will help him by building a program that will decide every one of the possible last situations in the game. Taking into consideration the likelihood that Colin’s beginning stage, finishing point, and all moderate spots are completely situated inside the lawn however never in a square that incorporates a hindrance. Moreover, you might assume that Colin is continually glancing a way that is corresponding to the border of the lawn (north, south, east, or west).Clarify the contrasts among mystery and public key cryptography procedures. Utilize little guides to help your affirmations. Depict the overall advantages of every system.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering COMPUTER S 102

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