Research Scenario: Do you cope better than peers when facing difficult situations? In one study, researchers reported thatmost individuals believe that they can cope better than their fellow students (Igou, 2008). A recent researcher wanted to replicate the study. In this design, participants read a scenario of a negative event and were asked to use a 10 point scale to rate how it would affect their immediate well being (1 – 10, the higher the score, the better the mood). They they were asked to imagine the event from the perspective of an ordinary fellow student and rate how it would affect that person using the same scale.Using the information provided, create an SPSS data file and conduct the appropriate statistical test to determine whether people believe they can cope better than their peers. Answer the following questions based on your analyses.Self-ratingRating of peer4486765576543254227787659) Conduct a correlated groups t-test. Paste the appropriate SPSS output below.ANSWER10) Use the output to calculate r2(show your work in the space provided and remember if a number is negative, when squaring it will lose its sign and be positive). Interpret it (small, medium, large) based on the conventions for this effect size calculation.Work:ANSWER11) Paste an appropriate SPSS graph (make sure you use the procedures outlined in this module’s SPSS video- and don’t forget to label your y axis “Coping Ability”.ANSWER12) Write an APA-style Results section based on your analyses. All homework “Results sections” should follow the examples provided in the videos. Don’t forget to include the effect size, confidence interval, and a decision about the null hypothesis. If significant, make sure you interpret how the conditions differ (refer to the Figure or report the means and standard deviations).ANSWERMathStatistics and Probability PSCHOLOGY 510

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