Read the following prompt and answer the questions below. The followingarticle, “Fat = Fail” is by Lesley Hornby and appears in Health Canada Forum (2015).The numbers don’t lie. For the past ten years, Canada has been sinking deeper and deeper into what experts have alarmingly termed an “obesity crisis.” This crisis threatens to become an immense burden on our already strained health care system – and research indicates that things are only going to get worse. One of the major reasons for the predicament that our society currently finds itself in is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This is particularly true of children and young adults. A recent study by Active Healthy Kids Canada came to the rather startling conclusion that a mere 13% of school-aged children are meeting the minimum requirement of 90 minutes of physical activity per day – while 90% are engaging in too much screen time. Many schools have attempted to respond to this issue by putting a greater emphasis on physical education and physical activities within the classroom. This is a step in the right direction, but the fact that obesity rates continue to rise suggests that it doesn’t go far enough. It’s time to make actually being in shape a curricular requirement. If students want a passing grade in physical education and health classes, they need to maintain a healthy weight. Obesity will result in a failing grade. Parents may object to such a practice, believing it to be unnecessarily punitive, as well as singling out overweight students. However, what these parents need to understand is that it is much better for children to learn healthy habits when they are young than to become obese, inactive adults. The only way for our society to get back in shape is to force children to take the lead – whether they want to or not. Future generations will thank us.1. What is the thesis and what are the main arguments made to support it in this prompt? 2. Summarize this article. Please use both signal phrases and paraphrasing. You may choose to also use one direct quotation. 3. What is a strong thesis statement that you would use if asked to respond to this prompt.PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology WRIT 100

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