Read the following articles: is Splitting the US Workforce in Two 4 in 10 Canadians Can Feasibly Perform Their Jobs From Home, Stats Can Says: the following questions. Submit your responses to the appropriate LEARN dropbox folder. Be prepared to discuss your answers and opinions in class.The New York Times article argues that that technology is splitting the workforce into two camps: one camp of highly educated (and highly paid) professionals and a second camp of less educated workers making far less money. Do you agree with this argument?Most people would agree that the nature of jobs (what people do in their job) is changing, as well as the types of jobs available.From information in the article (or your own research) provide three examples of jobs that are changing dramatically due to technology. Explain why these jobs are changing.Similarly, provide two examples of new professional jobs being created by technology.The CTV News article highlights that professional, highly educated individuals are better able to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whereas, younger and less educated individuals aren’t able to work from home. What are some reasons for the disparity?Which industries and, likewise, province have the highest work from home rates during the pandemic?Which industries and, likewise, provinces have the lowest work from home rates during the pandemic?Is it fair to expect some workers to risk their lives to benefit society as a whole (for example meat packing plant workers)? What are ‘essential workers’? Explain your rationale.BusinessManagementProject Management BUSINESS PROJ 1003

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