QuestionYour goal, in this assignment, is to write a bus simulator. There… Your goal, in this assignment, is to write a bus simulator. There is one or more buses that travel along a circular route, with num_stops stops. People have a destination in mind, and go to a stop to join the queue for the bus in very British fashion. Once the bus arrives, they climb on (provided there is enough space), ride on the bus till their stop, and then step down.We will be able to vary the number of buses, bus capacity, time it takes for the bus to reach a stop and for a person to climb on/off, and see how the time people take to reach their destination changes as a consequence. You will write the key parts of the simulator, while much of the tedious work is done for you.Let us begin! The Event-Based Simulator Here is again our code to implementthe event-based simulator. [1] from collections import deque #Used to implement queues. import random # Random … Show more… Show more [3] class EventSimulator (object) : def _init_(self,trace=False) : self . events = self. time = 0 # This is theglobal time. self . trace = trace def add_ev… Show more… Show more The Classes / Actors in the Simulation Person Here isthe class for a person. We give it to you as it containsreally nothing very interesting, and having n… Show more… Show more Source Here is the Source class, incharge of generating people and addingthem to the bus stops. Th… Show more… Show more Question 1: Implement a Queue Here isthe class Queue . Every bus stop has aqueue. The Source (code… Show more… Show more Question 2: Implement a Bus The bus is the centerpiece of oursimulation. The bus behaves as fellows. when the bus arrivesto astop: – ?rst people for whom the stop is the destination … Show more… Show moreComputer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming

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