QuestionWalden University, LLC. (2021). Alex and Social Worker [Video]…. Walden University, LLC. (2021). Alex and Social Worker [Video]. Walden University Blackboard. https://class.waldenu.eduAlex tried out for cheerleading and has not been acting like herself at school. Alex has been down since cheerleading tryouts and the coach said something that made it really clear that cheerleading may not be for a black girl. Alex is confused as to why the coach would something like that with everything Alex is going through right now about another unarmed black guy shooting by a police officer that was in Alex neighborhood. Alex has decided to not try out for cheerleading because she feels like going to a high school with mostly white kids it feels like everyone is looking at Alex. Alex cant concentrate and focus on her schooling because she can’t stop thinking about nothing is going to happen to the cop that shot that unarmed black guy or the coach because they are both white.Reflect on the practice skills you demonstrated in the video.Explain the potential impacts of ethnic and racial microaggressions on psychological development in adolescence.Describe how you would work with the student to curb these negative impacts. Draw on the values and ethics of the profession in your response.Social SciencePsychology SOCW 6200

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