QuestionUse Hadoop. You will use a input file (wordsearch.txt) ( and perform a “map reduce” search to calculate the number of instances of each word. You can use any method to calculate: create a Java/Python program, use the default command line tool, and so on.Your final result should look like this:”Cat cats cat cats catamaran catastrophe cats” (The file will have many more results than this! This is a simple example to demonstrate the output)Cat: 1Cats: 4Catamaran: 1Catastrophe: 1You must use Hadoop to perform the analysis and please show your terminal / log output. Submit your terminal output / log in txt format along with the output file and any guides / online resources used. See the deliverables below.Deliverables: -A file of your terminal output. You may prune any errors in commands, etc. -A file of your final word count results. -A / Doc file with any resources online you may have used for this lab.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CSE 310

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