QuestionThomas runs a construction business. Thomas operates his business… Thomas runs a construction business. Thomas operates his business as a sole proprietorship and expects to be in a 35% marginal tax rate for all years pertinent to this decision.Thomas intends to purchase a new SUV at the beginning of 2021 for use in his construction business (100% business use) that he will use for 6 years and then give the vehicle to his son for college. He is considering the following two vehicles:Mercedes-Benz AMG GLS 63: purchase price = $135,000.Mercedes-Benz AMG G 63: purchase price = $160,000.The AMG GLS 63 gross vehicle weight is approximately 5,900 pounds. The AMG G 63 weighs in at a hefty 6,600.Because the AMG G 63 is a larger and more expensive vehicle, annual operating costs are estimated to be about $1,500 more per year than the AMG GLS 63. (For simplicity, assume these costs are incurred at year-end.)REQUIRED: Perform a discounted cash-flow analysis of the two SUVs to determine if Thomas would minimize his after-tax costs by acquiring the AMG GLS 63 or the AMG G 63. You should take into account any elections that provide optimal income tax outcome.In making your calculations, assume the following:Thomas will pay cash at the beginning of 2021 for either vehicle he purchases;35% marginal tax rate for all years (assume all at year-end);6% discount rate to compute the present value of future cash flows;depreciation rates for as follows:2021Luxury Limits Normal MACRS Rates yr 1 $18,200 20.0% yr 2 16,400 32.0%yr 3 9,800 19.2%yr 4 5,860 11.52%yr 5 5,860 11.52%yr 6 5,860 5.76%LawSocial ScienceTax law ACC 460

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