question:the example out put need to be like this:The Test Scores ProgramEnter “x” to exitEnter test score: 75Enter test score: 85Enter test score: 95Enter test score: xTotal: 255Number of Scores: 3Average Score: 85Low Score: 75High Score: 95Median Score: 85And I already have this in the program. How to write the function for Low/High/ and Median Score. Can someone help me?def display_welcome():print(“The Test Scores program”)print(“Enter ‘x’ to exit”)print(“”)def get_scores():score_total = 0counter = 0while True:score = input(“Enter test score: “)if score == “x”:return score_total, counterelse:score = int(score)if score >= 0 and score <= 100:score_total += scorecounter += 1else:print("Test score must be from 0 through 100. " +"Score discarded. Try again.")def process_scores(score_total, count):# calculate average scoreaverage = score_total / count# format and display the resultprint()print("Score total: ", score_total)print("Number of Scores: ", count)print("Average Score: ", average)def main():display_welcome()score_total, count = get_scores()process_scores(score_total, count)print("")print("Bye!")# if started as the main module, call the main functionif __name__ == "__main__":main()Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming ISIT 333

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