QuestionSYD366 Money Test Fall 2021SYD 366 Money TestPlease read the case study and answer the questions below. You are welcome to use additional tools (example Visual Paradigm) as long as you copy pictures of your work into this document. The pictures must be legible. Your professor will not grade any work that isn’t easy to read. You are welcome to use outside sources in formulating your answers. Be sure to reference your work using APA format. Work not properly referenced will be passed to the Academic Integrity Committee for review.This test is online test you starting from October 5th 5:00 pm to October 8th 11:59pm,no late submissions will be accepted.Submissions will be accepted only;Via blackboardOne vpp file and one doc/docx document. Jpeg format will not be accepted. You need to put your jpegs as your answers in the word document.Diagrams are needs to be imported not screenshots, if I can not see your diagrams posted in word document and if I can not view them correctly on word document, you will get 0.If you do not attach your one vpp file for the whole test, you will get 0.If you have watermarks on your exported diagrams, you will get 0.If you do not have your name tag in your diagrams, you will immediately get 0 for that diagram. Every diagram has to have your own name tag.This test is out of 35 marksCase StudyAlly runs Vitatec, a small nutritional company that supplies nutrition and vitamins to gyms. Ally employs a small team, including some office, sales, and warehouse staff. A few times a year, Ally attends trade shows and visits manufacturers to learn about new products. Ally uses an outside delivery service to deliver orders to their gyms. Your team has been hired to document Ally’s requirements and recommend software for Ally to purchase. Your team has started looking at Ally’s financial records and found that Ally allows for different payment methods and would like to categorize her income and expense transactions accordingly.Your team leader has written the following scenarios to capture Ally’s requirements.Use Case NameRecord Income TransactionTriggering EventCustomer pays for work doneBrief DescriptionAllows the Owner to record an income transactionActorsOwnerRelated Use CasesPreconditionsOwner has opened the Main Menu.Post ConditionsIncome transaction is recordedFlow of activitiesActorSystem1.Requests to record an income transactionDisplays a list of payment methods and prompts for selection. Prompts for amount of transaction, type of transaction, transaction location and transaction date (defaults to the system date)2.Selects a payment method, enters date and amountDisplays the transaction and prompts for confirmation3Chooses to confirmSaves the transaction.Exception Conditions? Owner chooses to cancel recording income transaction.Use Case NameQuery Expense transactionsTriggering EventOwner requires a list of expensesBriefDescriptionAllows the Owner to review expense transactionsActorsOwnerRelated Use CasesPreconditionsOwner has opened the Main Menu.Post ConditionsExpense transactions retrievedFlow of activitiesActorSystem1.Requests to query expense transactionsPrompts for start and end date, location2.Enters a start and end dateRetrieves expense transactions for that location that meets the daterequirements. Displays the list of the expense transaction including amount, location, date and location.Exception Conditions?Owner chooses to cancel querying expense transactions.Question 1 (worth 10 marks)Complete a class diagram to support what your team has learned so far about Vitatec.Question 2 (worth 20 marks)Complete object level sequence diagrams to support the above scenarios.Question 3 (worth 1 mark)Some customers have askedif they pay cash, can they avoid paying tax? Is this a good idea forAlly?What are the ramifications of allowingthis? Please describe in English.Question 4 (worth 1 mark)Allyhavebeen approached to providesamplesfor a client’s event on Georgina Island Reserve. This client has tax exempt status as part of belonging to Indigenous people. What are tax implications? Does this affect your model?Question 5 (worth 1 mark)What steps did you use to determine your class diagram?Question 6 (worth 1 mark)If you were the project manager, what Project Management Methodology would you use for this project?Question 7 (worth 1 mark)How long are businesses required to keep records of financial transactions for taxation purposes?Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologySoftware engineering CS SYD366

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