QuestionSources: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper will offer a lengthy and… Sources:”Prime Minister Stephen Harper will offer a lengthy and detailed apology tomorrow that will specifically acknowledge the mental, physical and sexual abuse suffered by aboriginal children at residential schools as a result of the decades-long federal policy.Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl offered broad hints yesterday on the contents of the apology, noting it will be longer than the 3,874-word apology Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd gave to Australia’s aborigines in February for their version of residential schools. Mr. Strahl said the extra time will be used by the Prime Minister to clearly explain why Canada is sorry.The types of abuse listed in the apology will also include the loss of aboriginal languages and culture.”People want a very thorough apology that not only recognizes the historic events themselves, but talks about the role of the churches and the government and how it happened, that talks about what happened,” Mr. Strahl told reporters. “It goes into some more detail of what happened and what the government is actually apologizing for. So it is a very thorough apology and I think a very complete one.” Gathering Buffalo Bones on the Prairie Alberta, Canada… Show moreQuestions:1. What perspectives does each of the three sources present concerning globalization? What relationship exists between the three sources and concepts studied in social studies class?2. identify and discuss one or more globalization concepts that are reflected among the sources. (i.e. imperialism, eurocentrism, political, economic, social globalization)3. interpret each source to identify and explain the perspective(s) related to the principles of globalization.HistoryWorld History SOCI Social Stu

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