QuestionR studio experts HELP.. I need computation process for computation questions3. Assume that you have a set of scores measuring visual imagery ability. You have also slope and intercept of a plot that used visual imagery data as the X values and vivid dreaming (detailed and visually-involved dreams) ratings as the Y values. However, the vivid dreaming data isn’t available. Using the data below, recreate the Y values, then create the plot and trendline.For the data – the intercept= 6.023, slope = 0.004ParticipantVisual Imagery Rating1442383404435476317428429481028114012414. Below is a table of X values, Y, and residuals.Create a trendline and report the slope and intercept valuesX-valuesYResiduals1656.86-21.8612146.38-66.381579.241530.76131242611168.7631.241. Find the y values.2. Create a plot (plot the x and y values) with the on the x-axis from 0 to 25 and the y-axis from 0 to 2503. Create a plot (plot the x and y values, with the range of the x-axis from 10 to 25 and the y-axis from 0 to 2504. Create a trendline based only on the y mean5. A developmental psychologist wants to look at the number of different toys a toddler touches in an hour of playing and see if it correlates to language usage (as measured on a scale of 1 to 100). Below is a table of the number toys each toddler plays withParticipantNumber of Toys Used115226327417519The mean of the speech fluency scores is 61.8.1. Create a plot that lists place a “best guess” trendline given the information provided. (Hint – the mean of speech fluency is61.8).The x-axis should include at least the range of x-values.The y-axis should range from 0 to 1002. Using the values for as 49, 38, 84, 49, 89, Create a trendline using the lm() command and add it to the figure.(In the r-command abline(), the “a” stands for the intercept value and the “b” stands for the slope.)- An alternative to values for slope and intercept, in abline(), h stands for height (or intercept)3. So, abline(h =<value> ) would do what?4. So, abline(v = <value>) would do what?MathStatistics and Probability MA 336

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