QuestionQuestion 3Question 4Question 5Question 6Question 7Question 8duty of careFor what reasons might it be necessary to refer a client to other professionals? What information should you provide to other service providers when making referrals? (150-200 words)Workers need to understand the procedures for facilitating emergency interventions. List five emergency responses/ interventions you might facilitate in a crisis and outline the procedures that should be followed for extreme, severe and moderate risk/ emergency situations. (350 words)What are some of the personal values, beliefs and attitudes that can impact on suicide interventionto facilitate or impede it? List at least six of each.How might the presence of mental health concerns, such as an anxiety disorders, influence a worker’s intervention role and inform referral options? (150-200 words)What is self-care and supervision? (100-150 words)Workers must be aware of the need to comply with a number of legal and ethical considerations and to understand how these are applied in an organisation and individual practice including:privacy, confidentiality and disclosurework role boundaries – responsibilities and limitationsBriefly explain what each of these means (approximately 100 words each)PsychologySocial ScienceSocial Psychology CHE 43315

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