QuestionQuestion 1 Name the strategy used for the following: (8 marks)… Question 1Name the strategy used for the following: (8 marks)Note: Your answer should be specific e.g. MARKET DEVELOPMENT instead of INTENSIVE strategy)STRATEGYa.WAU Animation created Ejen Ali game for Android and IOS users. Ejen Ali was originally created as a tv animation series.b.Rhythms and Hues Studios filed for bankruptcy shortly after completing the visual effects in the award-winning movie Life of Pic.AccorHotels acquired Movenpick Hotels and Resortsd.Shopee reduced the price of Rizman Ruzaini’s Infenence X RR Shawl Raya 2019 from RM149 to RM299 to RM120 to RM180e.Utusan Melayu Berhad sold its shop office building in Petaling Jaya for RM7 millionf.Avengers Endgame, an American movie, is shown in theatres around the worldg.TATA Steel owns coal and iron ore mines, most of them located in Jharkhand and Odishah.General Electric has multiple businesses including in healthcare, aviation, renewable energy and transportationQuestion 2Read up on the following businesses, identify ONE (1) strategy that the business has used over its years of its establishment and elaborate on how the strategy was used. (12 marks)Bajaj AutoFacebookSunway Medical CentreFalaknuma Palace HotelMalaysia Airports Berhad (MAB)GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)Grading RubricQuestion 1Correct identification of each strategy: 1 markQuestion 2Identification of strategy used by the business: 0.5 marks x 6Explanation of what has been done by the business which reflect the strategy and when was it done: 1.5 marks x 6Example:Facebook used horizontal integration strategy. In 2012 Facebook acquired social media platform to share photos, Instagram, which was at the time a start-up business with only 13 employeesNote: although the businesses most likely have used the same strategies (especially market penetration and product development) in their yeas of operation, students ought to be discouraged from explaining the same strategies for all businesses.Engineering & TechnologyIndustrial EngineeringOperations Management FINANCE 1102

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