QuestionQ1)Q2)Q3)I have done the Q1Develop a web application which opens the csv file and display all its data/fields in HTML tableformat.? Use the first row of data in the csv file as your report headings (Table heading) and display all otherrows in HTML Table Format Modify the Q2 program as follow:?Using a web form dialog, user can browse file and select the csv file?User can select the list of available fields/columns from the file?The selected fields’ data will be displayed in HTML reportDevelop a program which process the csv file and check each activity (quiz,midterm, lab,…) and displays a list of students who missed that activity. You can develop a web application orconsole application in Python which 😕 Ask user to enter the name of activity (example : Lab Activity)? The program locate the “Lab Activity” in the first row? The program extract student-ids and all grades on that column, and display students id who don’t have grade for that activityhtml: csv file: anyone help me to do the Q2 and Q3?Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming PROG 70031

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