QuestionpythonZip – File Password CrackerUsing your final code (python in kali) answer the question below:What is the statement written (message in the zipped file) in the HomeworkW8.txt file?Turn in the Password Cracker script with detailed comments and a screenshot of the cmd output in Kali.At the end of your file write the statement as a commentYou will need the following file:dictionary.txtDownload dictionary.txtHomeworkW8.zipPlease help, what am I missing ?this is what I have so farimport zipfiledef extractFile(zfile, password): try: zfile.extractall(pwd=bytes(password, ‘utf-8’)) return password except: print(‘That was the wrong password’) returndef main(): zfile = zipfile.ZfipFile(‘’) passFile = open(‘dictionary.txt’) for line in passFile.readlines(): password = line.strip(‘n’) guess = extractFile(zfile, password) if guess: print(‘password = ‘ + password) breakif __name__== ‘__main__’: main()this is my errorTraceback (most recent call last):File “/home/kali/Desktop/”, line 25, in main()File “/home/kali/Desktop/”, line 11, in main zfile = zipfile.ZfipFile(‘’)AttributeError: module ‘zipfile’ has no attribute ‘ZfipFile’Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming CIS2204 2204

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