QuestionProblem 1:You are hired by one of the leading news channels CNBE who wants to analyze recent elections. This survey was conducted on 1525 voters with9 variables. You have to build a model, to predict which party a voter will vote for on the basis of the given information, to create an exitpoll that will help in predicting overall win and seats covered by a particular party.Dataset for Problem:Election_Data.xlsxData Ingestion: 11 marks1.1 Read the dataset. Do the descriptive statistics and do the null value condition check. Write an inference on it. (4 Marks)1.2 Perform Univariate and Bivariate Analysis. Do exploratory data analysis. Check for Outliers. (7 Marks)Data Preparation: 4 marks1.3 Encode the data (having string values) for Modelling. Is Scaling necessary here or not? Data Split: Split the data into train and test (70:30). (4 Marks)Modeling: 22 marks1.4 Apply Logistic Regression and LDA (linear discriminant analysis). (4 marks)1.5 Apply KNN Model and Nave Bayes Model. Interpret the results. (4 marks)1.6 Model Tuning, Bagging(Random Forest should be applied for Bagging),and Boosting. (7 marks)1.7 Performance Metrics: Check the performance of Predictions on Train and Test sets using Accuracy, Confusion Matrix, Plot ROC curve and get ROC_AUC score for each model. Final Model: Compare the models and write inference which model is best/optimized. (7 marks)Inference: 5 marks1.8 Based on these predictions, what are the insights? (5 marks)MathStatistics and Probability BCOM 102

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