Questionplease submit bothPART 1: General questionsWhat is Agile software development and why it’s relevant?Why waterfall approach is rarely a great solution for software development?Define Machine Learning and provide examples of its application.PART 2: CodingSPECIFICATIONDescription: This program uses the covid_comorbidities_USsummary.csv data to print totals and create a bar and pie charts showing the number of people who died because of comorbidities in COVID-19 cases.Input: covid_comorbidities_USsummary.csvOutput:Count of people per class of ageBar chart with classes of age. The x-axis will be the class ages, y-axis the related number of deathsPie chart on the same data, showing the distribution of deaths per age group (sample below – NOT the actual graph)Print the comorbidity with the highest number of “COVID-19 Deaths” 1400 Lower Class Women 1200 Middle Class Men 1000 Lower Class Men 800 600 Middle Class Women 400Upper Class Women 200 Upper Class Men Lower Class Men Upper Class Men Middle Class Men Lower ClassWomen Upper Class Women Middle Class Women… Show moreProcedure notes:You will need to import matplotlib.pyplot. The preferred way to do this is: import matplotlib.pyplot as pltYou may want to create a list of counters, like: counts_conditions = [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0] where the elements of the list would be the number of deaths per each one of the 8 age categories [‘0-24′, ’25-34′, ’35-44′, ’45-54′, ’55-64′, ’65-74′, ’75-84′, ’85+’]The program will use a function (to be created as part of this exercise) get_index(parts) to process each relevant line of data and return an index pointing to the proper element of the list of counters.Procedure:import matplotlibFunctionDefine a function named get_index(parts) that accepts a list created from a row of the data file and returns an index that is used to update the list of counters. You would skip rows with ‘ ‘COVID-19’ as cause of deathMain ProgramCreate a list of counters with eight elements, initialized at zeros.Open the data file for reading. Since this is a program specific to this file, there is no reason to use input to request the file name.Read each line in the file. Skip any line with ‘COVID-19’ as cause of death(meaning no comorbidity). For the other lines:call the function to get the appropriate index for the counters list: index = get_index(parts)update the appropriate countkeep trace of the “COVID-19 Deaths” per each comorbidityCreate the charts, as subplots.Subplot 221 (left): bar chartbar plotx =[‘0-24′, ’25-34′, ’35-44′, ’45-54′, ’55-64′, ’65-74′, ’75-84′, ’85+’]y = values from the counters list for each one of the 8 groups. Name y axis as “Count”do not overlap labelsSubplot 222 (right): pie chart. This is with the same y data as the bar chartpie plotlabel the wedges using the age categoriesAdd percentage values as second label to your pie chartInsert a proper title to the main plotPrint the comorbidity with the highest number of “COVID-19 Deaths”.Computer ScienceEngineering & TechnologyPython Programming MA 624

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