QuestionMicrosoft Project Lab requirements:Problem and Project Details:You have completed three interviews. As part of the final hiring process, WDW has presented you and all its final candidates with a problem and will make their final hiring decision based on your plan.WDW wants you to manage a project that Guest Services app that can track and inform its guests about Covid-related information as part of its risk management strategy. This tracking will be in real-time and placed into a Web-enabled system that tracks WDW guests in the park and its hotel properties. This solution will enable customers and WDW to be proactive should someone be found to be infected at a later date. Consideration of cloud computing, app development, testing, and any related WBS tasks and work packages are to be considered.WDW Sea World welcomes over 20 million visitors to its parks annually so the system must be scalable with uptime noted as an essential requirement.You are to address this problem by your best guess on realistic estimations in Microsoft Project by:Developing a work breakdown structure that includes at least 30 work packages with action verbs rolled up into six major phases or deliverables.Ensuring your Microsoft Project plan does not exceed a 180-day duration and is listed as days. (Remember to have the top line item as the rollup!)Ensuring your Microsoft Project plan is appropriately sequenced and provides at least ten predecessor activities.Ensuring your Microsoft Project plan has a minimum of ten resources assigned to ALL the tasks with appropriate naming of Resource Groups and Costs.Assigning at least four milestones.BusinessManagementProject Management ISM 4314

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