QuestionMicrosoft Project 2019. You are managing a small scale IT project… Microsoft Project 2019.You are managing a small scale IT project and must create a WBS, schedule, and budget in MS Project 2019. The following case study provides the details you need. Read through it carefully, as details may not be presented in the same order as they need to appear in the WBS. This is a new MS Project file and is not connected to the one you created with LinkedIn Learning or with the videos posted by the professor.To keep it simple, you are taking over as project manager from someone who won the lottery and suddenly quit the project. The project has already been defined and a project plan has been approved. You DO NOT need to worry about these aspect the project. You must manage the remaining 3 phases: Executive Project Plan, which includes System Installation and System Testing Close Project, which consists of a Project Delivery Event and a Deliverable (i.e. Working System) Evaluate Project, in which the team conducts a post mortem and then documents best practices and lessons learned.BusinessManagementProject Management CIS 3001

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