QuestionMaT 150 – Exam 1 a. Read the history of Mancala, how to create the… MaT 150 – Exam 1a. Read the history of Mancala, how to create the Okwe version, how to play the Okwe version, and actually learn to play the Okwe version by playing it with someone or by yourself pretending to be two different people. There are over 200 different variants of Mancala. The Okwe version is played by the Igbo people in South Eastern Nigeria. It derives its name from the Okwe tree whose seeds are used for the game. It is not the common version that is explained with the Mancala that you purchase in the United States. It is important that you learn the Okwe version and forget about any other versions you know for the purpose of answering problem (b) given below, otherwise your answer will be incorrect if based on a different version of the game.b. In the homework on the handout page with the references, do #3. Show the work of how you arrived at your answer to #3 in the sample page given with several Mancalas color coded pink and blue. Kindly note the sample page has a different color code for the store houses of the players than the color of each player’s holes. The pink storehouse is for the blue player’s holes and the blue storehouse is for the pink player’s holes as in this Okwe version of Mancala, a player’s storehouse is to the left of their holes and not to the right.On the page with the Mancala Tree, Question #4. Using the decision tree, (i) what is optimal path of player one and the probability of that path? (ii) Which path leads to a draw and what is the probability of that path? (iii) Which path leads to player 2 winning and what is the probability of that path? (iv) Which of the two players has a stronger chance of winning the game and why? Kindly show your work for (i) – (iv).Conduct an internet research on the statistics of COVID-19 in two countries, one that is rated a developed nation and the other that is rated an underdeveloped nation by the World Bank. Explain your reasons for the two countries that you chose over all the others that you could have chosen.Construct or purchase a Mancala game. Your Mancala (Okwe) game handout outlines how to construct the game using an empty dozen egg carton and 48 seeds/stones/beads/coins/buttons. Decorate your game board to tell a statistical comparative story of COVID-19 in two countries, viz., # of cases of COVID-19, # of hospitalizations of COVID-19, # of recovered cases of COVID-19, # of deaths of COVID-19, economic impact related to COVID-19 and so on. Include graphical presentations related to the spread of COVID-19 in both countries. Take pictures of your decorated game (inside and outside) set-up ready for play with four seeds/stones/beads/coins/buttons in each hole.Draw conclusions and inferences for the two countries related to the spread of COVID-19 and actions taken by both countries to alleviate the spreadCreate a power-point presentation, video or other presentation format with of your work in b, c, d, e, f and upload your presentation to the discussion board created for this. >lt is one of the world’s oldeststrategy games, ranked as highly asChess in complexity and … Show more… Show more Directions: 0 Using your markers, paintor pictures to decorate the top of theegg carton ‘0_ Tape a pa… Show more… Show more Homework: 1. Make your own Mancalaboard. 2. Familiarize yourself with therules by playing the game… Show more… Show more Mancala Tree F E D C B A 0 0 0 O 3 O20 20 0 0 0 3 O 2 a b C d e -h Player 1Question $4 – TO ILLUST… Show more… Show more e draw (24:24) . 1/2 A (20:24 ) 1/2(20:28) Player 2 wins 1/2 1/2 d 1/2 e(28:20) player 1 wins 1/2 B… Show more… Show more USE THIS TO ILLUSTRATE YOUR WORK ON HOW YOU GOTANSWERS FOR THE HOMEWORK PROBLEMS AND THETREE DIAGRAM FOR THE PROBABILITY QUESTI… Show more… Show moreMathStatistics and Probability MAT 150

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